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Pointing and laughing at the "birther movement"

As you may have heard, there are some out there who are insinuating that President Obama is using a forged birth certificate.

When did this forgery happen? Has to have been at least a year ago, 'cuz birthers were already complaining. That says they believe a conspiracy to forge that thing is at least two years old.

But wouldn't the insertion of a forged certificate into Hawaii's records be a foolish thing for an established politician and his cronies to do? I mean, somebody would have to notice a change from a pre-forgery state of affairs to a post-forgery one. Politicians always have canned biographies available, and a change to the beginning would tend to stick out.

So the forgery and surrounding deception would have to pre-date Obama's entry into electoral politics.

But wouldn't somebody have noticed the deception back then, when his biography would have been retroactively changed to something different from what had been already posted in (for example) his law school? Couldn't somebody look at the record of his first driver's license, to see what proof of citizenship was provided?

So the conspiracy to deceive has to pre-date his first driver's license, which I guess takes us back to the late 1970s. And it has to have been a damned good conspiracy, not to have had the forgery's insertion noticed by Hawaiian authorities back then.

However, the only thing this newly forged birth certificate would buy Obama (as opposed to any other story of his birth put forward by birthers) would not come into play until 2008, when he ran for President. Foreign-born people can be law students, law professors, community activists, US senators .... just not President.

So the birthers are telling us that by 1980, there was this illegal conspiracy in place to elevate Obama to the White House. And this has to have been a DOOZY of a well-oiled conspiracy, pre-dating his enrollment at Columbia.

This is why I point and laugh. I mean, just imagine his Secret Brain Trust in the early 1980s, decreeing to him, "And now, The Plan requires you to move to Chicago, so that a quarter century from now, it will come into fruition! Bwah-hah-ha!"
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